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Monoblock W85 D51 with 2 drawers and internal dividers included. Sof Mat Canapa finish. App towel rail. Vinci integrated basin in Mak Mat. Fill mirror 85x120H cm with Nika Led light. Med shelves in Soft Mat Canapa.

Duetto - 08 - U08_01
Duetto - 08 - U08_02


Integrated basin mak mat
Duetto50 canapa soft-mat
Gola white
Med shelves canapa soft-mat
Mirror fil-top
Lamp nika
Towel rail app
Drawer dividers ebano coloured wood


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Unit finish


  • Tranché Chiaro

  • Tranché Scuro

  • Soft Pine

  • Frassino Bianco

  • Noce Fumé

  • Rovere White

  • Frassino Moro

Colours Soft/Mat

  • Latte

  • Nebbia

  • Canapa

  • Cemento

  • Ossido

Worktops finishes


  • Grafite Black

  • Grafite Brown

  • Grafite Gray

  • Grafite Line Gray

  • Grafite Pino Vintage

  • Grafite Olmo